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William Shakespeare Love Poems

Here is a list of William Shakespeare Love Poems

  1. Venus and Adonis
  2. Under the Greenwood Tree
  3. The Blossom
  4. Sweet-and-Twenty
  5. Spring
  6. How Can My Muse Want Subject to Invent
  7. Sonnet XXXVI

William Shakespeare born in 1564 and worldwide known as an English playwright, poet, theater director and actor, has been a legend and pioneer of many literature meters for centuries. Not only has he introduced a bunch of new vocabulary into the English language (from 1,600 to about 3,000 words), and his works have been translated into almost every single living language in the world, but also created a new kind of short sonnet that has become famous as a classic one.

William Shakespeare’s love poetry takes a special place in his career since he wrote 154 of pieces that are interconnected and depict joy, happiness, struggle and pain along with the themes of nature, time, faith, death and others. It’s common to divide them into 2 major ‘chapters’ 1 – The Young Man; 2 – The Young Woman, and it’s believed that they were addressed to various people throughout Shakespeare’s lifetime.

The most popular ones are sonnets №1, 20, 87, 126 and 154 which follow the author’s quest from enamoring, finding himself irresistible to his/her beauty, falling in despair due to the rejection and to attempting to find a cure for love that brings him nothing but suffering. Besides praising love and affection, the author provides a dark insight into the psychology of a person experiencing despondence, loneliness and anger. However, the lyrical character does not lose his hope and eventually realizes that there is no other way of living for him but to obey and surrender to it. ‘So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, /So long lives this and this gives life to thee.’

English poetry has got names of amazing authors but only Shakespeare bears the name ‘the Bard’. And it is well-deserved since his sonnets and poems about love will always be popular as long as mankind is capable of experiencing this feeling over and over again.